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Customized Service
1. We specialized in the production of

(1) Low Voltage Electrical Equipment:
(a) Low Voltage Cable Distribution Box
(b) GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet
(c) Low Voltage Integrated Distribution Box
(d) Three Phase Load Control Device

(2) High Voltage Power Equipment:
(a) Indoor Metal Enclosed Switchgear
(b) 10KV Cable Distribution Cabinet
(c) Cable Distribution Box, European Type
(d) Cable Distribution Box, American Type
(e) High Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear
(f) Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HZW20-12
(g) Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HZW32-12
(h) Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HZW8-12, T630-25G
(i) Solid Insulated Ring Main Unit
(j) Vacuum Ring Main Unit
(k) Dry Air Insulated Ring Main Unit
(l) Cabinet type Transformer Substation
(m) Box type Transformer Substation

(3) Fault Indicator
(a) Overhead Line Fault Indicator
(a1) Transient Fault Indicator
(a2) Transient Recorder Fault Indicator
(b) Panel Fault Indicator
(c) Ground Fault Indicator

We have found that our main customers are centered in India, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea and many other countries. Beijing HCRT consistently strives to increase our capabilities in terms of scientific and technological innovation. Our research and development has our sights set on stepping further into the European and American markets, as well as to provide greater contributions in the electrical power equipment industry.

2. Advantages

Our company has unique advantages in producing electrical power equipment sets:
- We have 15 experienced technical engineers and 10 designers that have more than 12 years of industry experience.
- We are supported by a highly experienced production team.
- We have powerful production equipment sets: 10 sets of CNC bending machine, 5 sets of pneumatic production lines, 10 sets of argon arc welding machine, 12 sets of drilling machine and other production equipment sets.

3. Foreign customers

1) Customer country: Russia
Required Electrical power equipment: Overhead line fault indicator
Technical requirements of the customer:
Our solutions:

Applicable power system Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated voltage 10kV
Working current 0~600A
Applicable wire diameter 8 ~ 42mm(35 ~ 400mm2)
Neutral grounding mode Various grounding modes
Measuring range and accuracy Power line current Current measuring range:0~600A, measurement accuracy:0~300A,±3A;300~600A,±1%
Geoelectric field 0~4095
Cable temperature –40℃~+85℃,±1℃
Electricity 0~100%,±0.5%
Battery voltage 0~3.6V,±2%
Fault detection Identifiable fault type Inter phase short circuit, single phase grounding, transient fault and permanent fault
Minimum reclosing time 0.2S
Power line status indication Indicating modes Ultra bright LED (Single LED light intensity >13000mcd)
viewing angle 360°omnidirection
Visual distance Day 200m Night 500m
Continuous flash time after power failure ≥2000h
Failure reset mode Automatic reset, remote manual reset
Timing automatic reset time 0~48h available set ,default 24h
Cabinet distance wireless technology index working frequency 470~510MHz
transmission power ≤10mW(10dBm)
receiving sensitivity ≥ -90dBm
Communication speed 250kbps
Communication distance ≤100m
Network topology Star shape
direction Omni-direction
Power Supply Battery capacity 3.6V,8.5Ah
Self-Electric operation Power line current 5A
Mechanical properties size(WxHxD) 120mm x 129mm x173mm
Weight < 1kg
IP IP67(IP68- determination of visual type test)
Tensile resistance of thread clamping mechanism Vertical direction 50N, portrait direction 50NNon displacement
Loading and unloading life >50 times
mechanical strength Vibration level 1 drop 1m

Customer feedback:
The fault location detecting unit and the fault isolating switch are arranged on the distribution circuit, and the special frequency current signals of the distribution lines are detected and judged. When the single-phase to the ground fault occurs in the distribution line, a signal source into the signal detection unit of fault location and fault isolation switch detects the amplitude of the frequency signal exceeds the set threshold. Then the fault location detection unit alarms, while the fault is isolated by tripping operation of fault isolation switch. This ensures the normal use of electricity of the non-fault line. This mechanism greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of fault detection.