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Box type Transformer Substation

  •  Box type Transformer Substation
  •  Box type Transformer Substation
Product overview:

The YB20 pre-installed European box-type transformer substation is a set of transformer and distribution equipment which includes a high-voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage switchgear. It has the following features: flexible configuration and compact structure. It can be matched with the high voltage load switch as well as an intelligent interface, so as to achieve a 'four remote control' system. This transformer substation is the best choice for city power grids, landscape areas, squares, gardens and residential areas.

Type and significance of the Transformer Substation:
Technical parameters:
Items Commodity Unit Parameters
high voltage room Rated frequency HZ 50
rated voltage KV 10
Max working voltage KV 12
Rated current A 630
Transfer current A 1750
Take over current A 3150
Rated short-time withstand current KA 20
Rated peak with stand current KA 50
power-frequency withstand voltage line-to-line and line-to-ground KV 42
fracture KV 48
lightning impulse line-to-line and line-to-ground KV 75
fracture kV 85
Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 31.5
transformer capacity KVA 2500
voltage transformer rated voltage KV 10
rated capacity KVA 50-600
tapping range % ±2×2.5%, ±5%
connection symbol
Yyn0, Dyn11
impedance voltage V 4.5
low voltage room rated voltage KV 220, 380
rated current of main circuit A 50~4000
branch circuit A 5~800
rated short-time withstand current of main circuit KA 50
rated peak with stand current of main circuit KA 63
Shell IP
Noise dB ≤50
temperature rise K 10K

-The box-type transformer substation includes an independent high voltage room, transformer room and a low pressure room.
-High voltage switch adopts an all-insulation SF6 gas charging cabinet, which can realize electric and automatic functions
-Transformer can adopt dry type or oil immersed type: low consumption loss, low noise, low temperature rising, high overload capacity, anti-short circuit ability, strong impact resistance
-The low pressure room has the overall function of the complete set of low voltage equipment for customers to choose.

Application environment:

-Altitude: within 2000 meters gradation for surface pollution: IV
-Temperature: -40℃ - +40℃ daily temperature difference: 25 ℃
-Wind speed: within 35m/s Earthquake intensity: within 8 magnitudes
-Keep away from flammable materials, explosive danger, chemical corrosion

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