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Beijing HCRT Electrical Equipment Co. is a technology oriented enterprise that specializes in the production of electrical equipment sets. We are a comprehensive company that focuses on research and development, manufacturing, and after-sales services. Our primary products include switching stations, main ring units, high/low-voltage switchgear cabinets, three phase load control devices, pole mounted circuit breakers, cabinet type transformer substations, integrated distribution cabinets, and fault location systems.

Our enterprise engages in highly beneficial collaborations with many professional institutions, universities and colleges in order to optimize research and development, and innovation, we have obtained a number of patents and software copyrights.

Company strengths:
- Key Electrical Equipment supplier in China
- We hold several national patents
- AAA rated integrity company
- Quality management system certifications
- Environment management system certifications
- CCC quality certifications
- We are a member of the National Transmission and Distribution Technology Cooperation Network
- Member of the China Electricity Council
- High-pressure switch branch member in the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association

HCRT's research and development subsidiary was founded in 2012 with a primary focus on developing intelligent monitoring products for power grids and electrical power equipment sets. The facility is located in the Miyun economic and technological development zone. These intelligent systems create greater stability and more efficient power transmission for the grid.

Our company is an integral contributor to China's power infrastructure as part of an innovation initiative revolving around our responsibility as a first-class enterprise serving the country and creating benefits to give back to society.

HCRT products including switching stations, main ring units, pole mounted circuit breakers, cabinet type transformer substations, and integrated distribution cabinets which have been widely utilized in China's power generation and transmission networks for years. This level of adoption is proof that our products are highly valued by the Chinese government. Our equipment is also suitable for municipal construction, including railway, urban transit, and other power supply projects.

Our HCRT auto fault location system has meet the technology development needs of the National Smart Grid project. A number of core technologies of this system are industry leading components. Currently, the system is used in 18 provinces and autonomous regions in China. The auto fault detection system provides powerful technical support for rapidly processing the distribution network faults.

In addition to our product applications in China, we also export equipment to India, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, and many more!