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Cable Distribution Box, European Type

Product overview:

European type cable distribution boxes do not have switches, and they are also known as ordinary cable distribution boxes. This equipment is widely used in power distribution network systems around the world. The box has a double swing door and busbar connection. It is compact and features a clear cable arrangement with a three-core cable to eliminate the need for long-span crossing. The cable joint adopted by the box meets DIN47636 standards. The cable joint adopted is a 630 bolt fixing connection type of rate current.


European type cable distribution box is cabling engineering equipment widely used in power distribution network systems.

Technical parameters:

-Rated voltage 12KV
-Rated current 690V
-1min power-frequency withstand voltage 42KV
-Thermal current 15-50KA
-Dynamic current 40-125KA
-Lighting impulse withstand voltage 75-105KV


-Full insulation, full enclosure, full safeguard for worry free operation
-In-out wire is flexible: there are at most 8 branches of in-out wire
-European type cable distribution box is anti-flood, anti-pollution, anti-condensation, and corrosion resistant
-It is compact in structure, easy to install, and easy to operate
-It can be equipped with a zinc oxide arrester
-It can be equipped with a potential indicator
-The equipment can be outfitted with a cable fault indicator, in order to find out the cable fault rapidly.

Application environment:

-Maximum Air Temperature: +40 ℃, minimum air temperature: -30 ℃
-Wind speed: 34m/s (less than 700 Pa)
-Relative humidity daily average value is no more than 95%
-Ground surface horizontal acceleration: Lower than 0.4 m/s2
-Ground surface vertical acceleration: Lower than 0.1m/s2
-Installation site inclination: ≤ 3 degrees
-The surrounding air should be free from corrosive and combustible gases, and there should be no severe vibration at the installation site.

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