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Low Voltage Cable Distribution Box

  •  Low Voltage Cable Distribution Box
  •  Low Voltage Cable Distribution Box
Product overview:

With the development of the cabling process of power grids, when small capacity, independent load distribution is relatively concentrated, the connection of multi cable branches can be carried on by the low voltage cable distribution box. The shell of the power distribution box is constructed from glass fiber reinforced polyester (SMC). The product has a high level of protection to prevent against the danger of electric shock. Compared to similar products, the size of the cable branch box is reduced by 1/3. The instillation is simple and the risk of fire is minimized by the engineering of the box. The box is specially designed and produced according to electric power standards that meet Chinese and international regulations.


The low voltage cable distribution box is used in the power distribution system with alternating currents of 50Hz and rated voltage of 380V. The box acts as the supporting facilities of the network cabling transformation. It can be installed outdoors, indoors or underground for power distribution and control in powering, lighting, and distribution equipment. The cable distribution box plays the role of tapping, branching, relaying or converting. It creates incredible convenience for cable networking. It can also be outfitted with other components to be used as pump control boxes, communication equipment cabinet, street lamps or traffic light control panels, etc.

Type and significance of the Cable Distribution Box:
Technical parameters:

- Rated voltage 380V
- Rated insulation voltage 690V
- 1min power-frequency withstand voltage 2500V
- Rated current: 100A,200A,250A,315A,400A,500A,630A。
- Rated short-circuit breaking current 16, 31.5, 40, 50kA
- Shell protection level IP33

Application environment:

- Altitude Height: ≤1000 m
- Maximum Air Temperature: +40 ℃
- The hottest monthly average air temperature: +30 ℃
- The highest yearly average air temperature: +20 ℃
- Minimum Air Temperature: -30 ℃ (Outdoor)
- Maximum daily average thermoelectric: 25K
- Relative humidity average value is no more than 90%
- Ground surface horizontal acceleration: Lower than 3.0 m/s2
- Ground surface vertical acceleration: Lower than 1.5m/s2
- Pollution Level: Ⅲ Grade

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