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Low Voltage Integrated Distribution Box

 Low Voltage Integrated Distribution Box
Product overview:

The low voltage integrated distribution box is a distribution device suitable for three-phase AC 50HZ, rated voltage 0.4KV power applications. It provides real-time monitoring and analysis for distribution transformer operation data and a fault protection system in order to prevent transformer district line loss. The distribution device also features a comprehensive meter reading system, automatic compensator for reactive power and wireless data transmission.
The integrated distribution box completes automatic management for distribution networks using economic, safe, and reliable running schemes, laying a good foundation for the formation of a properly running and highly efficient power grid and for the deployment of an integrated automatic power system. This improves the service quality of the power distribution system and minimizes external management input investment of power supply enterprises.


The low voltage integrated distribution box can carry out automatic tracking and compensating for low-voltage power distribution transformers and all kinds of electric power user overloading operations by increasing the distribution capacity to 15%-30%. Meanwhile, the box will reduce potential damage caused by overloading by 25%-50%. The box improves the quality of voltage, reduces the power consumption, and makes full use of electrical energy. The box is widely used in city and rural power grid construction and renovation projects.

Type and significance of the Integrated Distribution Box:
Technical parameters:

-Rated insulating voltage: 660V
-The rated power-frequency voltage: the main circuit 380V auxiliary loop 380V, 22V
-Rated frequency: 50Hz
-Rated current: 100A-630A
-Main busbar rated current: 100A-630A
-Busbar rated short-time withstand current: 50KA
-Capacity of comprehensive meter-reading system: 1340 pcs single table
-Upper communication mode:
Telephone line communication mode (baud rate 2400BPS), asynchronous duplex serial direct connection communication (baud rate 9600BPS), infrared communication (baud rate 2400BPS)
-Downside Power line Communication ways:
-Measuring accuracy:
Voltage 0.5 grade Current 0.5 grade
Active power 1 grade Reactive power 1 grade
Active energy 1 grade Reactive energy 2 grade
-Remote control output: supplying 5VDC or 12VDC low-level (or naming 5VDC or 12VDC common anode) output. Each line maximum allowed current 0.5A, total 12 lines output the maximum allowed current is 0.5A when 12VDC, and 1A when 5VDC
-Communication port:
RS-232: transmission rate 1200-19200bps
RS-485: transmission rate 1200-19200bps
GPRS: built-in
-Communication protocol:
DL/T 634-51011997
DL/T 634-51012002
DL/T 645-1997

Application environment:

-The around air temperature is ≤ +40℃, and its average temperature is ≤ +35℃ in 24h. The lower air temperature is -30℃
-Environment Humidity: The daily average for relative humidity is ≤ 95%, the monthly average is ≤ 90%
-Pollution Grade: 3 grades
-Altitude: ≤1000m
-Install in an area without explosive and flammable medium, air that can damage the insulating material and corrode metal.
-Installation site must be immobile with no violent shaking, installation inclination is no more than 5%
-The voltage fluctuation is ≤ ±5% working voltage
-The device isn't suitable to excessive harmonic place
-Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 grades.

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