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GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet

  •  GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet
  •  GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet
  •  GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet
  •  GCS Low Voltage Switchgear Cabinet
Product overview:

The GCS low-voltage switchgear cabinet was jointly developed by the Ministry of Power and the Ministry of Machinery. Today, it is a widely recognized piece of equipment in China and internationally.
According to the power industry ministry standards and user requests, the GCS low voltage switchgear cabinet was developed to increase capacity, provide centralized power control, add convenience in installation and maintenance, and minimize processing failures. The cabinet is designed for maximized safety and reliability and minimized cost. The advantages of the equipment include reliable breaking and connecting capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical schematics, and a high level of protection against failure.


The GCS low-voltage switchgear cabinet is suitable for power plants, industrial, and high-rise building low-voltage distribution systems.
In places such as large-scale power plants and petrochemical systems, which are highly automated and require a computer interface, the device works as low voltage power distribution equipment which is used for power supply/distribution systems, generator centralized control and reactive power compensation of which the three-phase AC frequency is 50Hz, rated voltage is 380V, and rated current is below 4000A.

Type and significance of the Switchgear Cabinet:
Technical parameters:

-Rated insulation voltage AC 660(1000)V
-The rated power-frequency voltage Main circuit AC 380(660)V
-Auxiliary circuit AC 380, 220, 24V
-DC 220, 110V
-Rated frequency 50(60)HZ
-Horizontal bus rated current ≤4000A
-Vertical bus rated current 1000A
-Rated peak with stand current(ls) 50(80)KA

Application environment:

-Altitude Height: ≤2000 m
-Maximum Air Temperature: +40 ℃
-The hottest monthly average air temperature: +30 ℃
-The highest yearly average air temperature: +20 ℃
-Minimum Air Temperature: -30 ℃ (Outdoor)
-Maximum daily average thermoelectric: 25K
-Relative humidity average value is no more than 90%
-Ground surface horizontal acceleration: Lower than 3.0 m/s2
-Ground surface vertical acceleration: Lower than 1.5m/s2
-Pollution Level: Ⅲ Grade

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