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10KV Cable Distribution Cabinet

Product overview:

The 10KV cable distribution cabinet utilizes an SF6 gas insulated load switch or miniature circuit breaker that is drawn from the sleeve with an external cable plug. It features the advantages of a branch box, but also has the characteristics of a ring main unit. This cable distribution cabinet is operated from the front and is wired from the side. It is outfitted with an explosion-proof valve on the bottom in order to guarantee safety of the operator and the equipment.


This medium-voltage cable distribution cabinet is used in power distribution systems whose alternating current is 50Hz with rated voltage of 380V. It is a support component for network cabling transformation facilities. The distribution cabinet can be installed in outdoor, indoor, or underground power systems. The equipment is used for power distribution by performing, tapping, branching, relaying, or converting. It can be used with a wide range of additional power components as required, such as pump control boxes, communication equipment, street lamps, or traffic light control panels.

Technical parameters:

-Rated voltage 10KV
-Rated insulation voltage 690V
-1min power-frequency withstand voltage 2500V
-Rated current: 100A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 500A, 630A
-Rated short-circuit breaking current 16, 31.5, 40, 50kA
-Shell protection level IP33


-The 10KV cable distribution cabinet is fully insulated, fully sealed, safe and reliable
-It has a variety of wiring options so that it can easily be installed
-The load switch is small in size, compact in structure and convenient for operation
-The cable distribution cabinet can isolate faults to reduce outages
-It is convenient in line inspection and maintenance

Application environment:

-Altitude Height: ≤1000 m
-Maximum Air Temperature: +40 ℃
-The highest monthly average air temperature: +30 ℃
-The highest yearly average air temperature: +20 ℃
-Minimum Air Temperature: -30 ℃ (Outdoor)
-Maximum daily average temperature difference: 25K
-Relative humidity average value is no more than 90%
-Ground surface horizontal acceleration: Lower than 3.0 m/s2
-Ground surface vertical acceleration: Lower than 1.5m/s2
-Pollution Level: Ⅲ Grade

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