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Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HZW32-12

 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HZW32-12
Product overview:

The ZW32-12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker utilizes a three-phase, pole type and full enclosure structure with excellent sealing performance. This improves the performance of the power equipment and prevents the buildup of condensation as well. The vacuum circuit breaker features stable breaking performance, is maintenance free, lightweight, and weather resistant. The operating mechanism is sealed in a box to prevent corrosion over time, improving operating reliability. This circuit breaker is designed for automated distribution systems with intelligent controllers and the circuit breaker can be equipped with two or three phase current transformers. This plays a significant role in the protection from overcurrent and short-circuits, while also providing current signal collection for the intelligent controller. The current transformer can be installed according to your needs.


The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is suitable in areas such as substations, industrial and mining enterprises, rural power grids and distribution systems. The breaker minimizes downtime and prevents widespread system failure.

Type and significance of the product:
Technical parameters:
Item No. Commodity Unit Parameters
1 Rated Voltage kV 12
2 Rated Current A 630/1250
3 Rated Frequency Hz 50
4 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 25
5 Breaking times of Rated short-circuit breaking current Times 30
6 Rated peak with stand current kA 63
7 Rated short-time withstand current(4S) kA 25
8 Rated short-circuit current kA 63
9 1 min power-frequency withstand voltage 1min kV 42/48
10 lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 75/85
11 Mechanical service life Times 10000(Spring)
30000(Permanent Magnetic)
12 Rated operation order opening-0.3s-closing and opening -180s- closing and opening
13 Switch weight Kg 150

-The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker features a box-type sealed structure with full enclosure, and the material of the shell is made of stainless steel so that the device is maintenance-free.

-Flexible and convenient operation:
-The vacuum circuit breaker adopts a spring type operated actuator which has automatic power storage, can remotely control off-on switch, meanwhile, and manually the control off-on switch.
-It adopts a permanent magnetic actuator which has automatic power storage and can remotely and manually control the off-on switch.

-High level of automatic control: It can realize remote operation, GPRS remote control.
-Good insulating properties: it uses a vacuum interrupter and compound insulation.
-Flexible installation: pole mount or fixed base installation.

Application environment:

-Altitude: within 2000 meters; gradation for surface pollution: IV
-Temperature: -40℃ - +40℃
-Wind speed: within 35m/s; Earthquake intensity: within 8 magnitudes
-Using condition requests no flammable, explosive danger, chemical corrosion

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