Electrical Enclosures and Weatherproof Enclosure Products

Beijing HCRT Electrical Equipment Co. is a trusted manufacturer of electrical equipment sets. We specialize in the production of switching stations, main ring units, high/low-voltage switchgear cabinets, three phase load control devices, pole mounted circuit breakers, cabinet type transformer substations, integrated distribution cabinets, and fault location systems.
HCRT products have been widely used in China's power generation and transmission networks for years. This equipment is also suitable for municipal construction, including railway, urban transit, and other power supply projects.
Power transmission is not only important, but it in todays fast paced, power hungry society it is absolutely vital. Quality electrical equipment keeps the lights on and lets us get our work done without worry and HCRT products helps to provide piece of mind when it comes to stable electricity delivery. Details

  • Customized ServiceWe have found that our main customers are centered in India, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea and many other countries. Beijing HCRT consistently strives to increase our capabilities in terms of scientific and technological innovation.
  • Service And Technical SupportPre-sale services
    1. HCRT provides a detailed introduction of the products and replies to all related questions.
    2. Supply drawings and schematics of our products.
    3. You can visit our factory.